Southern Tier cherry saison


Score: 85

cherry saison poured a semi-hazy, bronze color with a pen width, white head.  The aroma is mild, consisting of tame cherries.  The body is smooth; thin with a lot amount of carbonation, restrained cherries and a touch of sweetness.  There are some faint, faint sour notes from the oak that come out more as the beer warms.  The finish is mostly absent, with the sweetness and fruit dying out a bit, but a huge not finish is not needed after the mild body.  Overall, this is a decent, easy drinking, interesting beer.  cherry saison is surprisingly mild and the brewer’s did a nice job of not letting the cherries run wild, but nothing really jumps out and the saison style is great by itself without adding anything else. Try this beer on a hot summer day or with a little dessert.

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